What we do

L P Pipe & Civil is committed to delivering successful project outcomes to the highest level of workmanship on or ahead of schedule. Combining years of experience in the civil space from road maintenance, major pipeline construction and stamping our mark as a major player in the Telco industry.

L P Pipe & Civil brings a strategic team to your project, meeting challenges head on and adding value at every stage. Effective delivery of required project outcomes is a combination of having the right systems and the right people in place, it requires accurate scope of definition, site control, schedule management and quality control.

The L P Pipe & Civil team is well placed to develop effective project specific processes to guarantee a successful project outcome which makes L P Pipe & Civil an industry leader.



‣  Road Widening
‣  Maintenance Cleaning
‣  Bulk Earthmoving
‣  Formwork / Concrete / Asphalt


‣  Communication Networks
‣  Storm Water Drainage
‣  Horizontal Directional Drilling
‣  ACM Removal
‣  Trenching
‣  Cable Hauling and Splicing
‣  Electrical Networks

Underground Locating

‣  Non-Destructive Digging
‣  Ground Penetrating Radar
‣  Utility Mapping and Locating
‣  High Pressure Drain Cleaning
‣  CCTV Pipe Inspection
‣  Vacuum Excavation


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